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BALC 2016 Part 3 – Better Late than Never!

Let me first apologize to everybody for not getting this up in time, as we all know, technical issues can throw a monkey wrench into our well-laid plans!

So without any further adieu, I hereby present my BALC 2016 line – “Savannah Midnight!

Savannah Midnight - Collage 2

Here’s a photo of one of my pieces from the back.  I used an earring finding to attach my dangles and it solved the back finishing task nicely!

Savannah Midnight - Black Earrings - reverse

This is the first time I have ever done such a thing as this – and I am amazed by the way the line changed throughout the process:

From from my initial concept:


to a rough layout of the pieces with a few more ideas coming together,

balc2016 - worktable

to the final product you see above!

I had initially thought I would take this line through a dark color scheme into a lighter, more colorful one, but I now know that that was overly ambitions.  I had no idea how long it takes when you get into changing the color of the metal.  I used a combination of i) dark ox, to which I added some gold acrylic paint and gold guilder’s paste, ii) satin matte gold, which I didn’t change much except to dull it down a bit with black guilder’s paste, and iii) raw brass, which I brightened up with gold guilder’s paste and gold perfect pearls.

After hours of painting, buffing, brushing and filing, I was pretty happy with the results.  So I laid out everything to seal it with Matte Krylon and sprayed up the whole lot of it.  I let it dry overnight, and much to my dismay, when I surveyed my handiwork in the morning there was a white film over ALL of it.

I’m not sure what happened, maybe it’s because I used UV resistant spray.  I really didn’t pay any attention when I bought it!  So another several hours was spent fixing it all – that was the most discouraging part of this whole process!

So, in addition to all of the wonderful things I have learned from Brenda’s expert advice – I picked  a few “notes to self”:

  1.  Don’t spray your whole darn collection with ANYTHING until you test it out and see if it is giving you the desired effect!
  2. Don’t attempt to open a new tube of E-6000 from the back using a file or other sharp object which may be lying around, it brings on disastrous results…IMG_0845

3.  Pay attention when filing a cameo, you may get overly ambitious and end up with a blind one!  This cracked me up so much at the time I did it – I think I will keep it as a souvenir to give me a chuckle when the going gets rough!FullSizeRender

and last but not least….

4.  Try to follow my example and keep your work table as organized as possible while you are creating – it makes things so much easier to find!  (LOL!!)Messy workroom 2

The one last piece of advice I would give is that if any of you are on the fence about doing this challenge – take the plunge!  You will learn so much whether you are a novice (like me) or a veteran jewelry artist.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to visit my fellow classmates’ blogs!