BALC 2016 Part 3 – Better Late than Never!

Let me first apologize to everybody for not getting this up in time, as we all know, technical issues can throw a monkey wrench into our well-laid plans!

So without any further adieu, I hereby present my BALC 2016 line – “Savannah Midnight!

Savannah Midnight - Collage 2

Here’s a photo of one of my pieces from the back.  I used an earring finding to attach my dangles and it solved the back finishing task nicely!

Savannah Midnight - Black Earrings - reverse

This is the first time I have ever done such a thing as this – and I am amazed by the way the line changed throughout the process:

From from my initial concept:


to a rough layout of the pieces with a few more ideas coming together,

balc2016 - worktable

to the final product you see above!

I had initially thought I would take this line through a dark color scheme into a lighter, more colorful one, but I now know that that was overly ambitions.  I had no idea how long it takes when you get into changing the color of the metal.  I used a combination of i) dark ox, to which I added some gold acrylic paint and gold guilder’s paste, ii) satin matte gold, which I didn’t change much except to dull it down a bit with black guilder’s paste, and iii) raw brass, which I brightened up with gold guilder’s paste and gold perfect pearls.

After hours of painting, buffing, brushing and filing, I was pretty happy with the results.  So I laid out everything to seal it with Matte Krylon and sprayed up the whole lot of it.  I let it dry overnight, and much to my dismay, when I surveyed my handiwork in the morning there was a white film over ALL of it.

I’m not sure what happened, maybe it’s because I used UV resistant spray.  I really didn’t pay any attention when I bought it!  So another several hours was spent fixing it all – that was the most discouraging part of this whole process!

So, in addition to all of the wonderful things I have learned from Brenda’s expert advice – I picked  a few “notes to self”:

  1.  Don’t spray your whole darn collection with ANYTHING until you test it out and see if it is giving you the desired effect!
  2. Don’t attempt to open a new tube of E-6000 from the back using a file or other sharp object which may be lying around, it brings on disastrous results…IMG_0845

3.  Pay attention when filing a cameo, you may get overly ambitious and end up with a blind one!  This cracked me up so much at the time I did it – I think I will keep it as a souvenir to give me a chuckle when the going gets rough!FullSizeRender

and last but not least….

4.  Try to follow my example and keep your work table as organized as possible while you are creating – it makes things so much easier to find!  (LOL!!)Messy workroom 2

The one last piece of advice I would give is that if any of you are on the fence about doing this challenge – take the plunge!  You will learn so much whether you are a novice (like me) or a veteran jewelry artist.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to visit my fellow classmates’ blogs!









  1. Susan Bowerman | 2nd Apr 16

    So sorry you had those technical difficulties…gosh when it rains, it does pour sometimes. But, it was worth the wait. Your pieces are beautiful and your blog quite wonderfully entertaining! Now about that desk…LOL! Many hugs, well done.

  2. Jann Tague | 2nd Apr 16

    Your line is fantastic and so is your blog .. love your line <3

  3. Irene Hoffman | 3rd Apr 16

    Great blog post and a great line of jewelry. Awesome job.

  4. Janet Calardo | 3rd Apr 16

    Great blog! Loved your process and what can happen on the way….I did chuckle at the blind cameo and glue gone wrong! I really like the colors you chose. Love black and for some reason I don’t usually make that but yours really turned out beautiful.

  5. Chris Kemp | 3rd Apr 16

    Joan, first of all, what a hoot! Quite the comedy of errors. I can completely relate to as well. EG: gluing my teeth together!
    I personally am VERY impressed by your line. For me, it evokes a hot, sultry southern night, and women fanning themselves on their porches, after an evening out…
    I adore it. I’m sad about the sealing issue. How stressful.
    A big congrats. You did a fantastic job!

  6. Brenda Sue Lansdowne | 3rd Apr 16

    Joan, for someone newer to jewelry making, you have blown me away. You have an EXCELLENT design sense and everything is so totally pulled together….no matter the last minute difficulties. This line would sell RIGHT NOW. I hope you only continue to expand it and grow it as it is unique enough to brand you right out of the gate. I love the name, and the word Savannah should be quite searchable, as well. Continue to blog and incorporate your sense of humor as you reach out to engage people. I am very proud of what you have done. This is no mere experiment, and does not look a bit like a practice line. There are several markets tapped here….those who love Victoriana, those who love the goth or dark look, and even a bit for those who love the more feminine aspects of Steampunk dress. Keep going, don’t stop!

  7. Marcia Tuzzolino | 4th Apr 16

    Joan, your line is fabulous. It evoked such a vintage southern feel, for me. And, my work table almost always looks like that!!

  8. Paula Gaskill | 4th Apr 16

    I see your work table looks like mine. Nice to know I’m not alone. Love what you you did in your line. What a great Line!

  9. Elisabeth Wilks | 4th Apr 16

    Joan your work is so elegant . We have similar themes but we each took our own way. Your line has an old world, definite Victorian feel. I like the atmosphere that there is to it.

  10. Susan Bolton | 5th Apr 16

    Joan, you work is gorgeous! Each of your designs is unique but it is cohesive as well. Great job!

  11. Beth Trubman | 5th Apr 16

    Joan, I just love the black and gold concept. Your pieces came together very nicely, and I would be happy to have any of your pieces. Keep doing what you’re doing, and best wishes.

  12. Erin Whitacre | 7th Apr 16

    Lovely pieces that fit together very well! I love all of the progress pictures you showed in the blog. It gives a look inside you journey!

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