BALC 2016 – Blog Hop #2!


Welcome to Blog Hop #2 of the BALC 2016 Challenge, sponsored by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B’Sue Boutiques – where you get not just the “good” stuff, but the AWESOME stuff!

Since the last Blog Hop, a large part of my activity has been organizing my components, whether or not they are being used in the challenge.  I guess I could make things easier on myself if I stopped ordering things for awhile but…. NAAAH!  This is the corner of the living room that I like to work in – my favorite books, the kitchen, bathroom and Lifetime Movies are easily accessible – what more can a girl want?


I will admit I was a bit stressed out about this blog when I got up today and surveyed the state of my living room/sunroom in broad daylight!

IMG_0616IMG_0620I took a vacation day today so I could focus and get my act together.  I was alone in the house (isn’t that nice once in awhile?) except for my faithful friend Sophie, who didn’t seem stressed in the least!  So I took a cue from her and was determined to enjoy a productive yet relaxing day.IMG_0627I worked pretty steadily all day long and only took a break to shower and pick my daughter up from school.  So by early evening I was pretty pleased with my progress!IMG_0628I split out all of my BALC components into a separate box to avoid excess rummaging!

IMG_0617So now, on to designing!

I thought it might be easiest for me to start off with a statement piece and branch out from there.  The pieces in the pics below are obviously  in the preliminary stages – the only thing holding them together is the force of gravity and some packaging tape – lol! Although it needs a lot of work I like where it’s going.






So that’s where we are today.  Through reading and doing a little research on the various modules in class, I’ve learned a lot:

I’m a hobbyist at this point, but I want to take it to the next level.

I love the “making” aspect of creating jewelry (or anything I decide to try, for that matter) –  but I love designing and I can see myself doing that in some capacity going forward.

I’ve learned the importance of developing a  “pyramid” of pieces to accommodate a wide range of budgets – from simple pendants, earrings and purse charms on up to the show-stoppers.

I’ve learned to step back and take a hard look at what I’m making – and edit!

I’ve learned that B’Sues’ products are irresistable to me and that sometimes I need to step away from the computer!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the BALC 2016 Blog Hops!  Please visit my classmates’ pages via the links below.

Sophie is at the alert and looking forward to her dinner.  Adios from my no-longer-so-messy living room!


1. Brenda Sue Lansdowne Jewelry Making Outside the Box

2. Diana Buynak – Butterfly Emporium Ceramic Studio

3. Irene Hoffman – Heartsdezirebyirene

4. Clare Wells Nemeth – Creative Magick

5. Mary Reckmeyer – Afrayedknot

6. Marcia Tuzzolino – Aurora Designs

7. Elizabeth Wilks – Wearable Art by Lizzie

8. Jeanette Rose Belmont – One Canvas at a time

9. Lyn Joy Reeve – A Journey from Jewels to Jubilation

10. Belinda Reed-Ingle – Vogue Rocks

11. Beth Trubman – The Journey of Jewelry

12. Carole Carlson – Beadsophisticate

13. Jann Tague – Clever Designs by Jann

14. Shari Gardner – SLG Jewelry Designs

15. Susan Bolton – Fern’s Place

16. Chris Kemp – NoodlePie Bracelets

17. Barbara Kelley – Angels’ Keep

18. Susan Bowerman – Woodside WireWorks

19. Pamela Anger – Novegatti Designs

21. Alison Huie – Ally’s Baubles

22. Sharon Palac – Sharon’s Jewelry Garden

23. Erica Olmos – Beeb’s Closet

24. Erin Whitacre – Shattered Time Jewelry

25. Fran Sitton – Sitton Up Front

26. Ginger Hammond – Lynn Leigh Designs

27. Paula Gaskill – Lovely LaylaBug Jewels

28. Mary Katherine – The Rose Sword

29. Renee Webb Allen – Small Stuff Design

30. Valerie Tilghman- ArtJewelsandGifts

31. Chris Cravens Vintage Cravens

32. Leslie Carver

33. Donna Parry, JewelryDonna

34. Gina-Marie Hammer – Tangles, Twists and Treasures

35. Kelly Wymer Winged Wisdom Enchantments















  1. Susan Bowerman | 26th Feb 16

    Joan, what a great blog and a beautiful dog! Please scratch sweet Sophie behind the ears for me! I love your cozy environment, the Traverse City pillow (my late husband was from TC), and so totally enjoyed sharing a few minutes with you. Best I can tell, you are ready to nail this thing. Talk about cohesive…wow…you are on it! Can’t wait to see the evolution in April. Cheers!

    • | 27th Feb 16

      Thanks Susan! I’m a Michigan girl myself, but not from TC – I was born in Port Huron. My daughter went to Interlochen one summer and that’s how we ended up there – it’s really beautiful.

  2. Belinda Reed-Ingle | 26th Feb 16

    Aww, I loved your blog and your Sophie, I bet she gives you a lot of moral support when needed. LOL! Your jewelry line is coming a long nicely. You have some beautiful pieces laid out. Can’t wait to see your line in April. 😀

  3. erica olmos | 27th Feb 16

    Joan, I really enjoyed reading you Blog and looking at your beautiful mess that resembles mine in my bedroom , my husband is ready to put shelf’s up because he is tired of tipping on all my stuff. I love all the lovely materials you have to make some wonderful things. I am looking forward to seeing your reveal

  4. Brenda Sue Lansdowne | 27th Feb 16

    Joan, I getcha about wanting to work in the light. You’d have a hard time getting me out of that soft, elegant room, too! I am trying to find ways to store bits up here in my office cuz that’s where my Netflix are, LOL I enjoy being up here in the light. But once I get down into my workshop, I get cooking. Once we have that one truly productive day, there is nothing to hold us back. Thank you for all your comments and for being a part of this years’ group. It will be amazing to track you guys’ progress as we move forward into the future! Keep up the great work!

    • | 27th Feb 16

      Thanks Brenda, I am really enjoying it! I agree, it’s a little too cozy in here to do serious work, still working on my dedicated workspace!

  5. Val Tilghman | 27th Feb 16

    I think that Sophie has the right idea!! I love where your line is going and you have a beautiful space to create in…… must say that I LOVE the ottoman…..very pretty and makes a great table.

    • | 27th Feb 16

      Well, I will confess that the ottoman has had a few unhappy avalanches of storage boxes… lol!

  6. Paula Gaskill | 27th Feb 16

    I totally agree with Susan. Need not say more, oh wait… the color combination is great

  7. Irene Hoffman | 27th Feb 16

    Great blog post Joan. You have some beautiful pieces in the WIP stage. Can hardly wait to see your final reveal on April 1st.

  8. Jeanette B | 27th Feb 16

    I like you Work in progress, looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  9. Alison Huie | 27th Feb 16

    I absolutely love what you have done so far. Really feminine and romantic

  10. Chris Kemp | 28th Feb 16

    I LOVED your blog Joan. You and I have almost identical working environments. Like you, I can work for hours in comfort on my couch, with my trusty dog beside me. Plus, a dining room table where there is the bulk of the mess. I think comfort is key, so we’re doing it right, for us.
    I am completely charmed by your line. The pieces you’ve laid out are very cohesive!!!
    And stunningly beautiful.
    Excellent work. Can’t wait to see your line finished.
    Thank you for inviting us in!

  11. Clare | 28th Feb 16

    I love your space! It looks like a wonderful place to relax and create! The black and gold in your designs is beautiful!

  12. Pamela & Toby | 28th Feb 16

    Great post, Joan, and I love how your line is shaping up … so pretty! Your work area looks very cozy indeed, and yep, it sure helps to have the components organized. Can’t wait to see how your line looks when it’s done … I know it’ll be fantastic! 😉

  13. Marcia Tuzzolino | 28th Feb 16

    Loved it, Joan! The beginnings of your line look fantastic! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  14. Jann | 28th Feb 16

    Great blog .. I love what you have put together so far .. Looking forward to your reveal

  15. mocki | 28th Feb 16

    lovely blog, love the black and gold theme! Looking forward to the next blog!

  16. Beth Trubman | 29th Feb 16

    Love love love the black and gold theme. Very elegant. Makes me want to do this! And your living room is very cozy and beautiful, and Sophie looks like a love. Thank you for glimpse into your world.

  17. Erin Whitacre | 29th Feb 16

    Love where this is going! They look beautifully cohesive!

  18. trendyjewelrybykrisyle | 29th Feb 16

    What a gorgeous line of jewelry yo have started creating just lovely. I did the Balc last year a and it is a wealth of in for and Brenda’s a awesome mentor. Happy creating!

  19. Jann Tague | 29th Feb 16

    wow I love what you have shown us so far .. looking forward to your reveal ..

  20. Elisabeth Wilks | 29th Feb 16

    A very enjoyable blog post. Thanks for all fun pictures and the sneak peeks of your line. Love the ideas for your earrings!

  21. Shari Gardner | 29th Feb 16

    Loved your blog. I can understand how you feel about letting people see your home, especially during makering times. I feel the same way, but there is no other options for to work anywhere else in my house…at least for now. So, thank you for letting us in to take a little peek at what you’re working on.

  22. kelly wymer | 1st Mar 16

    Love your blog and your dog.. The combo of black and gold is terrific. 🙂

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